Giving New Life to Old Treasures © Aymala Studio

Amy Kawadler's jewelry collections at her Aymala Studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico are snapshots of the past with an eye to the future: a bridge connecting her personal adventures to the art of adornment. 

“It's a deep pleasure sourcing, designing and building modern heirlooms with treasured objects from another time. By extending the lifecycle of these finds, it honors the embodied energy it took to originally create them as well as the individual pieces’ spirit and journey. I get to breathe in new life and so ... their journey continues. I think of these as truly renewable resources of both joy and beauty and that contributes to a happier, more sustainable future.”

Her one-of-a-kind Aymala Studio practice incorporates her uniquely sourced materials with ideas that are sparked by her tactile and visceral responses to the elements she is considering. Each Aymala Studio piece begins a narrative for the wearer, as they create their own story to pass down.

Aymala Studio jewelry is collected and worn worldwide.