• Storytelling In The Time Of Covid

      Storytelling In The Time Of Covid In the book of human experience, I believe COVID just might get its own chapter. This is a story quite unlike ...
  • Collaboration In The Time Of Covid

                                 For most of the world's population, myself included, the global pandemic has been a singularly unique challenge unlike...
  • A Simple Truth

    I’ve never been in the military. My father fought in the Korean War, was injured,
  • Newsflash: I'm An Extrovert

    I know, I know. Shocking to all of you. I’ve wanted to be Cher my entire life, or Carrol Burnett. Ever nervous being the center of attention? Not me. So when this pandemic descended on our culture and society, and home isolation became a rapid reality, I was a bit nervous.
  • The Year Of The Pivot

    The Year Of The Pivot...  As the end of my first year, post-corporate life nears an end I find it difficult to encapsulate the changes I’ve both seen and felt. I feel so fortunate